Thursday, July 16, 2009

Li Hertzi's ABC online class

This is the business card I am working on in Li Hertzi's online Photoshop/Elements class. The class has been great fun, I've learned a lot and Li does a awesome job teaching. The class is still open if you're interested. Here is the link

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Get Well Wishes for a Sick Dreamer

This is the "Prayer/Bra Doll" that Barb and Keeling, and myself made for another sick Dreamer. Hopefully this will put a big smile on her face. This was so much fun! Barb and Doug are so talented!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Doll for Kat

This is the "Bra Doll" that Barb and Doug Keeling, and myself, made for my good friend, and fellow Dreamer, Kat. She was diagnosed with cancer about six weeks ago. Although it was not breast cancer, we felt the "Bra doll" was still a good choice to make. Cancer is cancer. Barb designed a series these patterns to promote cancer awarness. I chose to make the "Mom Mouse". An appropriate choice for a beautiful person named Kat. I hope it makes her smile.
The doll started out as a round robin, but only the Keelings and I worked on this particular doll. There are a few more that are traveling around being touched with artistic love by many talented doll makers. These dolls will go to other people who are struggling with an illness.
This "Bra Mouse is very small, because I did not enlarge the pattern like I should have. Oh,well! I made the body and head and sent it off to Barb and Doug Keeling. Doug painted a beautiful little face and Barb made ears (from part of the bra) and put hair on her. Then they sent her back to me. I made the arm, legs and clothing.
My hubby made the piece of cheese she sits on!
So, from all of us, with many "get well" wishes, this is for you Kat. I hope it makes you smile!