Saturday, August 1, 2009

Holly Hobbie Fix-up

A friend asked me to restore her daughter's Holly Hobbie doll for her granddaughter. She was very dirty, seams were ripping, she was missing an arm, her clothes were tattered and torn and she was badly in need of a new hairdo. I took her apart and reinforced the seams, washed her by hand and gave her some little yellow daisy (applique) tatooes to cover little holes in her legs. Then I restuffed her. I used my black paint marker to give her shoes a polish. I brightened up her face with gel pens and some blush! I found some yarn that matched the color of her hair pretty well and gave her some new hair. I'm sure she will be loved just as much as she was 30 years ago!


Pegasus Kelly said...

You've done a nice job.
I restored one of my own childhood dolls a while back and I am thinking about restoring my sisters one. I just have too many projects on the go.

dolls said...

yes I now am remembering my school days where I was collecting the dolls.

Unknown said...

I have a hobby holly I've had since I was very little
her face ripped and in trying to fix her I've made it worse - I actually cried
any suggestions?