Saturday, July 19, 2008

Meet Marissa, a blue mermaid


Karen Mallory said...

Hi Paulette, thanks for the comment on my kitchen witch. It was a pattern by Ute Vasina in the July 2003 issue of Soft Dolls and Animals. I don't think she ever released it as a pattern for sale.
Your mermaid's face is beautiful!
hugs Karen

Linda Misa said...

She is great Paulette - beautiful face - well done - Linda.

Cheryl said...

Beautiful face, and beautiful doll.

michelledolls said...

Hi Paulette,
Thank you for comments on my blog.
I love your blog too, your blue mermaid is gorgeous, I love her face especially.
You were inquiring about a E-Pattern on my site,if you would like to order anything, just email me and let me know, I'm planning to place a shopping cart on the site but haven't been able to do it just yet.

Beth Ann said...

Beautiful, beautiful job! Faces can be tricky enough, but to work on blue fabric and still get such a wonderful result--hats off to you! I enjoyed your other pics, too--thanks so much for sharing.
Best wishes always, Beth Ann (from DollStreet)

Threads of Inspiration said...

Your blue mermaid is really beautiful.

kay susan said...

Oh! She's lovely! I'm so glad I found your blog!

Sharon-NZ said...

Shes just beautiful, love the blue its perfect.

Mayra René said...

wow! I marvel at your dolls, which are fantastic. Your blog is a wonderful site. I hope you can visit my blog, so you know my dolls. delighted to have found your blog.

Mayra René